It's Personal: What happens after the mammogram?

“Your mammogram is normal.”

That phrase is music to any woman’sears. Of course that’s the outcome each of us wants and hopes for –but what if it’s not normal?

“The great majority of women 
will get that good report,” said Anthy Demestihas, MD, FACS, breast surgeon and chairperson of surgical services at St. Vincent’s. “But when a lump or mass is detected or you have an abnormal mammogram, it’s personal – and you want answers fast. 

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It's Personal: Lifestyle factors that impact breast cancer risk

Did you know there are some persoanl lifestyle factors that can have an impact on breast cancer risk?

While certain personal risk factors for cancer can’t be changed, such as age, race and family history, there are some aspects of a person’s lifestyle that can increase or decrease your personal risk. Where breast cancer is concerned, the American Cancer Society takes a look at some common lifestyle factors and how they relate to breast cancer risk:

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Health Talk Radio: Camelia Lawrence, MD

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Dr. Frank Scifo and St. Vincent’s Breast Surgeon Camelia Lawrence, MD, discuss the significant strides made in treating and fighting breast cancer. 

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It's Personal: Are you genetically at risk for breast cancer?

We may look a lot like our family members. While all you need is a mirror to see Mom or Dad’s smile, genetic testing can shed light on what else you may have inherited from your parents.

St. Vincent’s Genetic Testing Program can bring clarification to the question of who may be at risk of developing certain types of cancers and what course of action can be taken to minimize or manage that risk.

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It's Personal: Post-mastectomy prosthesis, bras and fittings


Will I ever look normal again? It’s a natural question for women facing a mastectomy.

“Absolutely,” says professional wig and mastectomy fitter for St. Vincent’s, Harriet Borrack.  Harriet, a Saxon-Kent representative, has been serving cancer patients and post-op mastectomy patients at the SWIM Cancer Boutique, located at the Medical Center, for more than eight years.

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It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month: And we're getting personal.

This October, St. Vincent's is proud to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Our Health Talk blog posts will be dedicated to raising awareness and providing important information that we hope you'll share with the women in your life.

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