Health Talk Radio: Midwifery - A very special delivery


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Dr. Frank Scifo and St. Vincent’s Family Birthing Center experts discuss midwifery, Baby Friendly, and the miracle of childbirth. 

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OOHRAH! And Baby Makes Three

A Marine, a Mom - and a Miracle

Months before she was to deliver her first baby, Erminia (Mia) Accettullo and her U.S. Marine Corps husband Chris, an E4 corporal, had worked excitedly to coordinate Chris’s leave out of his post in Afghanistan with the baby’s arrival date. It wouldbe their first child, and the young couple, residents of Shelton, were in touch whenever possible.  
Confident of his wife’s capable preparations and good prenatal care, Chris continued his duties as squad leader on patrols that limited contact with home for weeks at a time.

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Delivering Success: Healthy Trends in Childbirth


One Conversation
With William Cusick, MD

There’s something so astonishing about giving birth it can convince any new mom that hers was an incomparable experience. 

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