Health Talk Radio: Dr. Charles Walker

Dr. Frank Scifo and urologist Dr. Charles Walker discuss the many aspects of men's health.

Listen and learn about advances in the field of urology and the significant impact that might have on your quality of life.

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The Power of Acupuncture: An ancient remedy for the modern man

Prostate health, libido, stress, insomnia:
acupuncture targets them all.



The average American male is most likely not aware that the ancient practice of acupuncture can do wonders for the modern-day health of a man. 

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Breaking the Silence: Coping with stress and depression

Stress and Depression

Men and women handle stress differently – and women tend to be a little better at it.

St. Vincent’s Behavioral Health’s LeKeesha Miller-Jackson, MSW (L) and Department Chair Stewart Levine, MD (R) team up to tackle triggers and treatment of stress and depression for men.

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