Who would speak for you in the event of a health crisis?

It's National Healthcare Decisions Week

St. Vincent's Mecdical Center will be providing information about choosing a healthcare proxy and more all week:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm in the Main Lobby

Tuesday/Thursday: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm in Our Daily Bread Restaurant on Level C

All adults should discuss and document their healthcare wishes in the event of a crisis. 
Accidents and acute illness can happen to anyone at any time, but far too few adults have done anything to plan ahead. 

Take a moment to ask yourself these important questions: 

  1. If you could not make decisions about your health, who would make decisions on your behalf?
  2. What are your wishes about your health about if you could not make them ?
  3. If you have thought about these items, have you written them down? 

National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) exists educate and empower each and every one of us about the importance of advance care planning. Take this oppurtunity to remind yourself, and somone you love, to discuss and document your wishes in the event that illness or injury prevents you from speaking for yourself.Here are some answers to some common questions on the topic: 

Q: Do I need a lawyer to create an advance directive (living will, health care power of attorney, etc)?

A: No. Free forms and information are available for every state at Also, every hospital in the US is required to provide patients about advance directives, and will be able to answer your questions. 

Q: Can I help raise awareness?

Absolutely. First, lead by example. Do your own advance care planning. Then, let others know about it. For your loved ones, you want to be sure they know your wishes. For everyone else, it is good enough to say you’ve done it and encourage them to do the same.  

Q: Where do I begin? 

A: There are all sorts of free tools available at The short videos are an excellent way to start the conversation with family or friends.

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