straight talk: crossing your legs

Straight Talk features your common questions about health and wellness answered by the experts at St. Vincent's.

Q: Does crossing your legs cause varicose veins?

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Health Talk Radio: Cardiologist Anja Wagner, MD

Did you know more women die from heart disease than men? 

Listen and learn as Dr. Frank Scifo and his guest, Cardiologist Anja Wagner, MD, discuss the often subtle symptoms of heart disease in women.

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The Key to Unlocking Your Family's Heart Health

You might think of heart disease as something that begins in middle age, and that family history and genetics reveal the whole story of who gets it and who doesn’t.

In fact, the habits we form early in life as well as certain day-to-day choices we make have a great influence on the development of cardiovascular disease and how we survive it. 

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The Future is Here: Hi-tech cardiovascular surgery

St. Vincent’s Cardiovascular Surgeons:

Hi-Tech Pioneers

Sharper minds and new technology are taking cardiovascular surgery into the future.


St. Vincent’s cardiovascular surgery team performs the minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure.


St. Vincent’s, the regional leader in cardiology, continues to lead the way in cardiovascular surgery, expertly applying technological advances that greatly enhance outcomes for our patients. Groundbreaking next generation, non-

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Disrupting the Disruptor: Advanced treatment of AFib

Your Heart Has Options:

Beating AFib

St. Vincent’s cardiologists offer the most advanced treatment of atrial fibrillation.


Why do leading cardiologists choose to work with St. Vincent’s? Simply stated: innovation. Advances in the field of cardiology are enabling us to live longer, healthier lives, and St. Vincent’s continues to lead the way, performing these life-saving procedures every day. The only hospital in the region to offer all treatment forms of AFib, innovation like this allows doctor and patient alike to enjoy success.  

What Actually Is AFib? 

“The condition is a complicated, irregular rhythm that begins in the upper chambers of the heart,” said Clive Robinson, MD, FRACS, a cardiovascular

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Statin Drugs: Will they work for you?

Are you a good candidate for cholesterol-lowering statin drugs? 

One Conversation
with J effrey N. Berman, MD  

“Over the years, it’s been clearly shown that in certain groups of people, statins reduce the risk of cardiovascular events by about 30 to 35 percent,” said Jeffrey N. Berman, MD, a cardiologist affiliated with St. Vincent’s Medical Center. “The formulators of the guidelines went through all the data they had on these groups to arrive at these recommendations, which follow four basic points.”    

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Guilty Pleasures - for your heart's content

So, is chocolate really good for us? Research keeps redefining the value of our swee
ts, treats and other foods a lot of us like to indulge in. St. Vincent’s cardiologist Dr. Ron Nudel offers some brief insights into the heart-healthiness of some favorite guilty pleasures.


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One Conversation: With Cardiologist Raphael Squitieri, MD

One Conversation

With Raphael Squitieri, MD

Heart surgery has come a long way in just the past decade. Less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times now make more people candidates for procedures that may not have been viable options for them in the past. St. Vincent’s has been on the cutting edge of cardiology for more than 100 years and our sharper minds continue to blaze a trail in innovative, life-saving procedures.

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Young Adults: Who's at risk?

One Conversation
with Robert Jumper, MD

Researcputs the rate of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) death in young athletes at about one in 100,000. While that may seem very low, if it happens to your son or daughter, or someone in your community, it’s terrible, and can strike fear into the hearts of both parents and young athletes alike. 

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What makes your heart skip a beat?

If your heart “skips a beat,” should you be worried?

An arrhythmia is a change in the rhythm or rate of your heartbeat. While not all arrhythmias are serious, for some people, they can be dangerous and require treatment. Your doctor can run tests to find out if you have an arrhythmia. If you are feeling irregular beats or a racing heart, and feel light-headed, dizzy or out of sorts, then you should call your doctor right away, or head to the Emergency Room.

Causes of Arrhythmias

Minor arrhythmias may be caused by excessive alcohol use, smoking, caffeine, stress or exercise. 

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