Eat Your Vitamins: Which supplements might be overdoing it

Multivitamins and Mega-Supplements: Who Needs Them?

Walk into any pharmacy or department store health-and-beauty-aids section and you’ll see multiple rows of vitamin brands offered for the choosing. One after the other bottle or box label claims that its product is the best one for age group A, or body part B, or condition C.

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Don't Get Stuffed: Holiday season eating tips

The nutrition experts at St. Vincent's are letting us in on some great tips for weight maintenance during the holiday season!

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Food Allergies: Tips and alternatives

If you or someone you love has food allergies, it’s important to know the basics.

The most common allergies include peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, milk, eggs, shellfish, fish, and soy. As it becomes a growing problem, knowing alternatives and how to properly read a food labels, will benefit anyone that has an allergy – and anyone who shops or cooks for them.

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Sneaky Sugars: Hidden sources in our daily diet


Sugars have a way of sneaking into our daily diet – especially when you're not looking.

Guest bloggers Frankie Maderia, RD and Kelley Breyer, RD, CD-N, clinical dietitians at St. Vincent's, shed some insight on hidden sugars and how to avoid them.

While some of us sidestep the sweet stuff in an effort to keep our weight in check, the benefits of taking stock of our sugar intake go well beyond that.

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Heart Healthy Cereal Revealed: How to choose for your family

Do you buy "heart healthy" cereal?

Some cereal boxes are full of promises – but don’t fall for the hype. Common “healthy” phrases on some popular brands include: 

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